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    #79 N51 tunes! (and GM912 update) v0.9.10 2020-09-26

    Ok, so for whatever reason - lately I've received a ton of requests for N51 tunes - custom or otherwise. Before, these came along so seldomly, it wasn't worth the effort (like 3 a year, maybe).

    I think I got 3 requests today alone. On one hand, I don't have something specific already made. On the other hand, we already have it mapped out, and have an RSA delete available. So, expect an update soon - I haven't gotten to all the requests, but I have seen them and am aware of the demand.

    On the GM912 front, we have 330i flashes available for them - but it turns out, there are two EGS computers with different programs, so we pulled the files until that could be sorted out. Preliminarily, the difference appears to be cars with paddle shifters vs those without - so once that's sorted, expect those to be available again.