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K-DCAN cables by BimmerGeeks

There are many variations of the K-DCAN cables available on the market today, with varying price points and quality. Many of these cables are made using counterfit FTDI serial chips and may not work at all. Another major issue is basically all of the available cables on the market today have bugs in the DCAN firmware that will brick many modules when used on newer BMWs (especially where K-line is no longer used). A bricked module can be serious, especially as many (including the DME) cannot be recovered and often must be replaced, which is not usually cheap.

We have partnered with BimmerGeeks to supply K+DCAN cables that solve both of these issues. They are all QC checked to ensure quality components. And if you have a DCAN enabled car (nearly everything after the E46), we can supply you with a "Pro-Cable" that has been modified with upgraded firmware, which is verified to resolve the "bricking" issues on these modules.

Basic Cable:

Our basic cable is for those wishing to have a reliable cable to use basic well-known software such as Inpa, Ncs & Ista. No special firmware - it is initially set up for newer chassis such as E90 & E60. If you want to use it on older chassis, you will need to purchase a pro cable, or modify this cable yourself. Not for the use of flashing modules such as MSS60/65.


The Pro-Cable is unlike any cable out there that you can purchase. While many other cables out there may be different in terms of the physical build, they are all the same in one department...firmware. We take our switched cables, pull out a custom built programmer & load a modified firmware to the cable chip. Its faster, safer & more stable. The next best thing to a full-blown ICOM. Recommended for all module flashing.

  • Flash speeds up to 125% faster
  • Proven to flash modules other K+Dcans can't such as:
    • M3/M5/M6 DME (MSS6X)
    • E6x M5/M6 SMG (GDSMG3)
    • E9x GM Auto (GM1912)
  • Built in switch for double K-Line support (E46, E38, E39 etc)

About BimmerGeeks:

BimmerGeeks was a longtime lurker of the forums watching people get taken advantage of by companies charging insane amounts of money for remote services. After a while they took they're step forward & decided to offer a cheap alternative to the major players out there. Along with supplying cables, they cover remote software install, coding & flashing services & diagnostic help. Unlike the competition, its not all about money for them, they do they're best do help through messaging first, and only charge when a remote session becomes necessary.