• Bimmerlabs can help with several common tuning issues:

    • EWS deletes for MSS54, MS45 MSS70, & MSV70 (with more coming)
    • DME recovery & cloning
    • Late model 6 speed automatic transmission tunes
    • Baseline tunes for specific applications

    If you are interested in our services, please send us a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • EWS Deletes
    BMWs since the '90s have come with an anti-theft mechanism known as EWS. There are several reasons for wanting to disable it, including engine swaps and EWS module failure.
    • MSS52/MSS54/MSS54HP - EWS3
      Usually done along with standalone tuning for an engine swap.
    • MS45.0, MS45.1 - EWS3
      Typically the EWS module fails or the DME has been swapped, so the car won't start. We can either recover your ISN (and make a swapped DME function), or delete EWS altogether.
    • MSV70/MSS70 - EWS3/CAS
      These are usually done for swaps along with the other tuning requirements to make these DMEs run outside of their original car. We can also recover and clone the ISN.
    • MSV80/MSD80 (all variants). - EWS4/CAS
      Coming soon! These Tri-Core based DMEs use EWS4, which is a bit different from EWS3, although similar in concept. EWS deletes are in progress - it is possible to clone or recover these DMEs, but typically it needs to still respond to OBD commands, as they are password protected and there's no way to read the password it once it's been bricked or damaged.
    Other DMEs such as MSS60/MSS65, MEV9.2, etc. are also under development.
  • DME recovery & cloning
    We usually can clone and recover the following DMEs, assuming the DME isn't physically damaged (bricking is usually fine):
    • MS45.0, MS45.1
    • MSS70
    • MSV70
    • MSS52/MSS54
    • MSS60**/MSS65

    The following DMEs can sometimes be recovered as long as they respond to OBD commands. However, as they are much more complicated, there is no gaurantee of success:
    • MSV80, MSV08.1
    • MSD80, MSD80.1
  • Automatic Transmission Tunes
    On BMWs that came with ZF 6 speed automatics, we have an experimental tune in development for the following TCUs:
    • GKE191
    • GKE211
    For the 328i, where the engine is upgraded from 328i to 330i specs, you can flash a "3.0si" GA6L-45R transmission tune to better match the engine. At this time, no custom modifications are available.
    • GM1912

    Typically these are best used with a performance tune.
  • Baseline Tunes
    We can do basline tuning for most N52 cars.
    • 3 stage factory tune for the 325i/328i (and other variants)
    • Performance tunes for 330i/325i/328i (and other variants)
    • Error code supression
    • Increased rev limits, top speed, etc
    • MAF delete tunes (based on factory MAF-less tunes)

    We can typically do most of these things for pretty much any BMW as well.
  • **Note: Late MSS60 DMEs have one of the CPU modules locked from reading directly (BDM mode). As of now, there's no way to clone or recover them - however, early models without a locked CPU are possible.