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    #73 2020 - we're not dead yet! v0.9.05 2020-01-15

    You may have noticed a lack of updates in 2019 - at least visible updates (many upgrades happened in the background). I have simply been unable to be as responsive as I'd wish. For that, I apologize.

    Recently, our security certificate expired. Mostly due to an issue with missing admin notes, accidentally deleted a couple months ago when I discovered Azure had taken up all of the server's disk space with log files. Anyhow, that is now resolved (we always take security extremely seriously).

    Bimmerlabs is not dead or going away anytime soon. It's been several months since I had started working on some major back-end upgrades, which I hadn't quite finished due to some personal/family issues. But we've re-grouped, and this year, we'd like to realize one of the major goals this site always had - namely, eliminating ourselves as the middle-man, and allowing users some ability for self tuning for the most popular models of BMWs.

    This does mean we'll have to scale back our original ambitions. We'll probably never support anything past the E-series BMWs. That's fine - there are millions of E-series cars out there, waiting to be tuned. Also, we'll probably be sticking to WinKFP for flashing, as rolling a flash-app for a phone has proven to be basically impossible (I have had many offers, but no follow through - it's always harder than it appears). For more than a year, we've have a beta stand alone flash app for the PC, but it would only be difficult to ensure it's as reliable as the factory BMW flash software - WinKFP.

    The good think is, WinKFP is actually extremely reliable - it's virtually impossible to brick your DME, even if you try. It does mean we'll be limited to flashing on PCs, and we'll have to work on improving the automated scripts that flash the DME for you. But given we can hardly keep up with the support requests we already have, that's fine too. You're always free to use alternative flashing methods with Bimmerlabs files as well.

    The primary goal in the next few months: complete support for the most common use cases of E-series BMWs. Enable self-tuning, including pre-selected tuning options. The idea is to make the site not rely on me or anyone else having to answer an email; instead you can pick what you want, and the site will develop the tune, or you could access the maps directly. This would cost a reasonable fee, but it will also allow us to continue to run this site. We want the site to be sustainable so that your tuning needs can be met at a reasonable cost, without us getting in the way; benefiting everyone.

    Expect some sort of major update here in the 1st quarter of 2020. Until then, I'll try to answer some of the 3 bazillion emails I've not been able to get to in the last couple months. :)