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    #72 Welcome to 2019! v0.8.98 2019-01-17

    It may seem quiet here lately, but we have been extremely busy helping a number of people with their cars - so development on new Bimmerlabs features took a back seat for a while.

    For the first update of 2019, we're adding a feature that allows all users to upload an 0da file and get back a binary. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, our old binary conversion tool always did that, but few had access to that - now everyone does.

    You could always convert a custom 0da file to binary by just clicking on the "binary" link, of course, but now you can also start with one of the default tunes as your baseline for further modification.

    Expect a constant stream of smaller updates to clean up and finish existing features over the next couple months, which finally will lay the path to release the features we've always wanted.

    Thanks for all the support and have a happy 2019!