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    #70 Generate custom files for flashing with WinKFP (or software of your choice) v0.8.97 2018-09-05

    Now anyone with a Bimmerlabs account and a project with a supported DME (see here for a full list) can generate your own custom files for flashing with WinKFP. You can also download them in Binary format for further editing, or to use for flashing with your own tools.

    We have had these tools behind the scenes for well over a year now, and I think it's time to finally make them more widely available. The new upload tool can be found in your Project where you would download free tunes or custom files.

    It accepts binary files (.bin extension), either as a full read or a partial read. Checksums are corrected automatically, and where supported, RSA signatures are generated as well. Most DMEs have mo3 checksum corrections as well, but typically only for the latest software version - basically if you are editing any "monitor" maps, you need the mo3 checksums corrected.

    The new file can be converted to 0da (for WinKFP) or binary - 0das can be downloaded as binary at any time.

    Of course you also need a way to edit these files for tuning - but of course, we are working on that as well!

    Stay "tuned"... ;)