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    #63 Custom tuning, BMW file database v0.8.92 2018-06-20

    There are several new improvements to make Bimmerlabs more useful for me as well as our users.

    The main one is the ability to select a tuner. Of course, at the moment, that is just me - but as this feature is developed, there will be more options (we already have a number of professional & well known tuners registered).

    This key ability lets you choose somebody who can custom tune your car beyond what the 'free' files can give you. From the tuner's perspective, it will allow them to access your project, see the files available to you, data about your car, and also allow them to create files that you can download directly from your project, instead of having to keep track of files on their hard drive or email them back and forth.

    Something coming soon is the ability to download any stock BMW file as an 0da (with batch script for flashing) or as a binary. The database is already built and the files are online - for the most part, only valid files for your project's model will show up (depending on options). So if you want to look at customizing your own file, you can do that for free - or if you want to flash a different stock file, or backup your DME to 'stock, you can do that too.

    Also coming soon is a little bit of an interface revamp to enable additional features such as online tuning. Currently, there's just not enough space for all of the buttons! :)